Untitled,  Installation view at the group show S/Título Lançamento N. 2Útero, Lisbon (PT), 2022. 
1080p, colour, sound, 45’’ looped, 2018.


This project consists of a series of four vertical looped videos which portray architectural or industrial elements. These would be projected onto walls, covering it’s whole surface height.

The objects portrayed are like artefacts: strange and unsettling objects left as if out of their time and place, of unkwon origin — perhaps belonging to a mythical time and place. In any case, they are unreachable. The projection screen wors solely as a window or a portal toward them, while their own vertical, columnar structure take on a sculptural character.


Untitled (series), (video frames) 1080p, colour, sound, variable duration, looped, 2018.

Links for some of the videos:



©  Salomé Lopes, 2022